About MyCheck-In

People join an organization to help the team succeed by delivering their talent.

Entrepreneurs and managers depend on that performance to WOW customers and grow the company’s market value.

Too often, the talent delivered and what is needed to achieve business goals fails to align. Everyone is working hard…but no one is particularly happy with the results.

MyCheck-In overcomes this challenge by helping people agree on what needs to get done and gives them a shared check-in process to help achieve their goals . The process aligns the team and fast-tracks organizational results.

Think of it like a professional rowing team, everyone completely in sync and focused on a clear goal. The oars perfectly aligned and hitting the water powerfully with barely a splash.

For the first time, employees and managers have access to a goal achievement system that helps them ask the right questions, communicate responsibly, and that supports valuable course adjustments along the way.

Join emerging workplace champions across the country who want to achieve more! Join MyCheck-In today!