• Kelly F Headshot

    The thing I value the most about working in this company or in any workplace is having a culture of safety and trust.  For me, MyCheck-In is the main tool we use to facilitate this culture. MyCheck-In provides a dedicated time and safe space for me to communicate my future visions with leadership, create measurable goals and devise a plan to accomplish those goals.  This process provides a sense of purpose and accomplishment which ultimately leads to my job satisfaction.  Within MyCheck-In, the “Objective” line allows me to dream big without fear of rejection. Within two years of working here I went from an Assistant Account Manager to a Premier Account Manager to a Leadership position because of MyCheck-In.  With the help of my coach and MyCheck-In I was able to master my current position so that I was available for growth opportunities.  I couldn’t be happier, I am safe, supported and successful.

    — Kelly F

  • Kim B Headshot

    MyCheck-In has helped me achieve several goals over the last three years!  With my own MyCheck-In, it has helped me organize and prioritize my goals and thoughts.  It’s given me the ability to track each goal step by step, so that nothing is missed. It’s a great tool to have in your “tool belt”. From a Coaching standpoint, MyCheck-In has helped me to set clear and measurable goals for employees in a layout that is easy for them to understand.  It tracks the progress and lets me know where we are on each project/goal.  I like the fact that it’s worked on by both employee and coach in a collaborative fashion.

    — Kim B

  • Tracy G Headshot

    MyCheck-In has been a great platform for me. In the past I have always had anxiety going into my quarterly/yearly evaluations (if we even had them).  I never knew what they would bring, even though they were 95+ % positive.  Having a monthly check in and being allowed to celebrate my successes is huge for my self-esteem and growth personally and professionally.  Being a part of the goal setting and not just being told what I am to do is a welcomed change. This is a tool I wish I would have had when I was a manager so I could have helped my employees in a different light. Thank you for such a positive and effective format for both the employee and manager!

    — Tracy G

  • John B Headshot

    The MyCheck-In monthly check-in’s have helped me be more accountable and goal oriented regarding my duties as an Account Manager. By checking in monthly, I am able to reflect on how I can be a better Account Manager on a day-to-day basis.

    — John B

  • Marie L Headshot

    MyCheck-In has been a great tool for me to use to improve myself. It’s hard for me to look at my faults and even my strengths. MyCheck-In allows us to set goals and hold ourselves accountable to meet those goals. I am able to see my growth in so many areas. I like the personal time with my coach and feel it benefits me not only in the workplace but in my personal life.”

    — Marie L

  • Sarah W Headshot

    MyCheck-In allows me to set goals and build a plan to guide me to accomplish them. In addition, it is a great way to communicate and be mentored by my team lead.

    — Sarah W

  • Darwin M. Headshot

    I have found MyCheck-In to be helpful in airing ideas and/or concerns in a supportive environment. Having a place where you can be coached to achieve your goals, as well as discover new ones, has been very rewarding.

    — Darwin M.

  • Celia O Headshot

    The monthly MyCheck-In check-in meeting with my team leader has helped me see how much I have grown/learned. Also, it has shown where I am weak, but can improve.

    — Celia O

  • Sandra C Headshot

    The MyCheck-In program has helped me with recognizing my full potential, discovering new growth goals within the organization and what steps I need to take to achieve that goal. With the monthly MyCheck-In meetings, I always come away feeling very positive and motivated but also enthusiastic to help my team members.

    — Sandra C

  • Sandra M Headshot

    “When I started with this company, I didn’t understand MyCheck-In and avoided it.  My coach encouraged me to move past the fear and I had an Aha moment and realized that MyCheck-In was not something meant to compare me to others, but an opportunity for me to shine.  Through MyCheck-In and my coach’s careful and thoughtful guidance, I feel like I have found my place, both at work and in my personal life.  I like having goals to strive for – this makes the competitive side of me happy – and has made me successful.  Before MyCheck-In, I was just doing my job.  Now, I am a Team Lead and an AVP.  I enjoy explaining MyCheck-In to my Team Members and seeing the Aha moment in them as well.  This is a wonderful tool that instead of being afraid of, I have come to embrace.

    — Sandra M

  • Cindy W Headshot

    The Master Plan provides me the opportunity to keep track of my goals for each year. The monthly check-in then affords me the ability to see and track my progress.  It gives me the flexibility to make any adjustments or changes throughout the year to help me to attain my goals.

    — Cindy W

  • Whitney Headshot

    MyCheck-In has helped me concentrate on completing important tasks to achieve my yearly goals. The monthly check-ins are a great way to make sure I am on track with my yearly master plan, and it allows me to appreciate my accomplishments for the month. Most importantly, MyCheck-In ensures I get time with my team lead for reflection and motivation.

    — Whitney J

  • Felicia A Headshot

    The MyCheck-In Master Plan has helped me recognize that my ideas can add value to the team…by providing concepts to help enhance our everyday procedures and efficiently streamline how we service our clients.

    — Felicia A

  • Brenda R Headshot

    MyCheck-In has helped me keep my listed goals in mind and to reach them in an organized fashion.

    — Brenda R